Face Reality! If you are working too hard and not making enough money, you must first admit to yourself that something is broken in the way that you have designed and lead your business. If you want your business to provide you with abundant wealth, a great lifestyle and freedom of choice, then you need to work on the foundations of your business. Leadership, more than anything else, will determine the success or failure of your business. Marketing is the engine that drives revenue and keeps customers coming back. Systems Run Business - People run Systems - Owners Lead People.

Growth Academy®   One to One Advisory Program®
Develop the tools and framework that address your business frustrations and enable you to take your business to the next level. For businesses with annual gross revenues between $100,000 - $2,000,000. Also, the Growth Academy for Renovation Contractors is focuses specifically on the needs of renovators!   Enables you to take the benefits of 8 Steps to a Better Business and leverage them across your management team. Ideal for businesses with annual gross revenues greater than $1 MM.

Growth Academy Live eLearning Webinars  

An exciting new "blended learning" programme that combines online training with live, participatory coaching webinars. Cost effective coaching at only $249 per month! 

Combining elearning with twice a month group coaching calls, business owners get the focus, attention and accountability to ensure that they learn the skills necessary for success.
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Quarterly Planning Retreat®

Each quarter, we provide a comfortable and confidential setting (refuge/sanctuary) where busy owners escape from hectic, daily lives and take the time to reflect, think and plan on improving themselves and their businesses. Take a personal strategic retreat; step back and see yourself and your business with a fresh, "big picture" perspective.
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