Working with Greg has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level. I have always been too worried about getting bigger. With our new systems and processes, I now know that I can do it successfully. For example, we used to spend 2-3 hours to do an estimate. Now it only takes about 10 minutes and we are much more accurate. Last week we quoted over $1,000,000 in new business and we won all of it! It would have taken us 6 months to do that before. I expect that we will at least double our revenues this year!

Walter P, Hamilton

Quarterly Planning Retreats®

The Growth Advisors have a unique planning, coaching and accountability process called Quarterly Planning Retreats. These workshops are designed to enhance the mindset, focus and results for entrepreneurs. Growth Advisors helps business owners, professionals and executives sharpen their focus, increase their effectiveness, grow their incomes, and simplify their lives. Our clients gain clarity about who they are, what they want out of their business and life, and how to go about achieving their goals. In short, we help drive success and balance lives.

Our quarterly Quarterly Planning Retreats® help our clients to:
  • Become more focused, effective and strategic
  • Earn more money
  • Work less
  • Enjoy life more (greater freedom, more personal time, etc.)

We provide a comfortable and confidential setting (refuge/sanctuary) where busy owners/managers can take the time to reflect, think and plan on improving themselves and their businesses. These workshops offer them an escape from their hectic, daily lives to take a personal strategic retreat one day a quarter. In essence, it's a strategic time-out so they can tune-up their lives and businesses. It's a chance to step back and see themselves and their business with a fresh, "big picture" perspective.

A Growth Advisor guides groups of clients through a unique, powerful process that allows them to go to work "on" themselves, "on" their business, and "on" their specific issues, opportunities, and goals. Our workshops are designed to help owners, professionals and executives:

  • Face reality - what is working and what's not in their businesses and lives
  • Define and achieve their business and personal goals
  • Understand and leverage their time, talents and resources
  • Discover new strategies and habits that create leverage
  • Identify and then discard limiting beliefs and ineffective habits
  • Determine the highest and best use of their time - do more high-value and high-payback activities
  • Follow through on their dreams, goals and new strategies
  • Stay focused and accountable for achieving the results they want
  • In addition to personal improvement, our business improvement topics include leadership, strategic marketing, selling, people management, systematizing your business, vision/goals, the strategic business concept, and much more

Our Quarterly Planning Retreats are appropriate for all size companies and self- employed professionals. Workshops are classroom style and participants attend for one full day meeting per quarter. The workshops are live, interactive and participatory. Each workshop starts with an educational format in morning with topics covering components of the 8 Steps to a Better Business®. Participants then develop their own plans in the afternoon. Working with other attendees, participants have an opportunity to get feedback on their own specific work and issues if desired.

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