I was quite impressed with how you handled and facilitated the strategic planning at LaserNetworks. Well done. I would have no reservation at all in recommending you to any contacts of mine.

Ron G, Oakville


In addition to our group programs, we also provide one-on-one, face-to-face coaching for clients requiring additional support, follow-up and attention. Most One-On-One clients like the privacy and frequency of these individual and customized sessions. Often business owners feel overwhelmed, alone, fearful, or out of control. Many owners feel uncomfortable or vulnerable talking with spouses, peers, or team members. However, they need to vent. They need someone to help them see the reality of a situation, the options, and potential solutions. They need someone to be a sounding board, confidant, mentor, and objective set of ears. Just as importantly, business owners need a advisor with the business knowledge, experience and skills to provide them with the guidance, support and mentoring required to solve their problems.

One-On-One coaching is typically conducted in person and, as needed, can be followed up via phone or e-mail. However, all one-on-one coaching starts with a face-to-face relationship-building process. One-On-One Business Advisory® clients usually have three meetings per month, with each meeting lasting 1.5-2 hours. Owners and the management team members are given 3-4 hours of homework between sessions to apply the strategies and techniques to their business.

We can tailor a program to meet your needs and budget. Meetings can take place once a month, twice a month, or on demand. Participants in other Growth Advisors programs often schedule One-on-One sessions after their group programs in order to get individual assistance.


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