What is my job? Am I always doing what I should be doing? Am I doing the work that my staff should be doing? What value do I bring to my clients? Are the things that we are doing cost effective? Greg Peterson has helped us identify our goals, implement an effective strategy and make sure that we spend our time on activities that will achieve our goals. Greg is a great coach and I highly recommend his services.

Joe C, Oakville


The Growth Academy® is designed to facilitate long-term sustainable change in your business processes. With in-depth coverage of all components of the 8 Steps to a Better Business®, there is extensive personal and professional development for the business owner. The Growth Academy® is designed for companies with annual gross revenues in the range of $300,000 to $3,000,000, with at least 2-3 years in business and between 3-30 employees.

The program is delivered classroom style and is limited to 12 participants. Sessions are live, interactive and participatory. Participants meet either one full day per month or attend two half day meetings per month. Extensive phone, email and fax support is provided between meetings to help the owners with practical application of the principles to their businesses.

The Growth Academy® will help you develop the tools and framework to address your business frustrations and enable you to take your business to the next level. Discover the value of working "ON" your business to meet your goals and experience more life.

The Growth Academy for Renovation Contractors has a specialized curriculum specifically for renovators and custom home builders. In addition to the 8 Steps to a Better Business curriculum, participants will learn special skills related to marketing and selling to homeowners, estimating, pricing construction projects, contracts, managing sub-trades and employees, scheduling, project management and construction management.  

Gain a new sense of focus and accountability working with a Growth Advisor.

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